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Praise by Modalities 


Soul Coaching®

"Dr. Jerri is a remarkable and compassionate Soul Coach. She creates a safe and nurturing environment for discovering your soul's truth!"

Denise Linn, Founder

International Institute of Soul Coaching®



"Jerri's got a big heart for her clients. She dives into their needs and finds the right healing technique that brings the best results for that moment. Jerri is an excellent Soul Coach! "

Daniela Schubert

Feng Shui Consultant



"Jerri possess a range of skills, a host of knowledge, and a true desire

to be a healing instrument. She will transform your life." 

Aimee DuFresne

Vitality Expert & Author



"Jerri is a wonderful healer. She guides clients on peaceful, healing journeys. She has taken me on a soul journey that was enlightening and healing. She is compassionate and professional. I fully recommend


Maureen Devine, RN

Anamcara Journey



"Imagine having a session in which you feel a deep longing for someone, but you’re not quite sure who. Then Dr. Jerri asks if you would like to experience a Past- Life Regression. Perfect! Dr. Jerri always suggests the best ”tool” at the right time, and I know this because it has been true in every session I have had with her! Through her guidance, I relived a life event in England, when there were knights and castles. Through this journey I actually ended up having a wonderful experience with my Dad of my present lifetime, who passed in 1999, and about whom I’ve been thinking but hadn’t realized. The Past-Life Regression allowed me to actually pin-point an experience we shared on a family trip to England in 1990 - 9 years after my Dad had been diagnosed with ALS - making the moment that much more special.

I found the experience quite relaxing and refreshing, and could totally

relax and enjoy the experience! I plan on having more Past-Life sessions with Dr. Jerri, as have more questions and Life Experiences

about which I am curious. I would love to know about my connections to previous lives. Thank you, Dr. Jerri, for your thirst for knowledge and your ability to share that knowledge with me & the rest of the world!"

Destrie L.

Retired Educator



"Jerri is a superb Soul Coach! She is an excellent healer. She listened and guided me to find the answers I was seeking. She helped me

transform my life! Thank you!"

Mary Yonker

CEO/Educational Coach

Mexico City/ Mexico


Soul Coaching® 28 Day Online Program 

"It has been such joy and growth to share this journey with you. I have deepen my trust in the power and mystery of my soul and the universe. By listening and acknowledging the messages from my soul (and from you, Jerri) I am releasing my fear of power and able to take steps to STEP COMPLETELY INTO MY POWER and live my life purpose humbly and SHINE! Hugs and huge thanks to Jerri and to all my fellow Soul Shiners.         

  Shine On!"


N.Y., NewYork/USA


"Participating in Dr. Jerri Eddington's Let your Light Shine! 28-Day Soul Coaching class has helped to illuminate my path and open a whole new world of ideas and opportunities. The meditations, lessons, images and thoughts shared have helped me to get "unstuck" in certain areas that I had been working on for years. I have been amazed at the synchronicities that have occurred throughout this process! I am now experiencing the fruition of this breakthrough as I move forward and put into practice all that I have learned. I am grateful to Dr. Jerri, her mentor Denise Linn, and my Soul classmates for their loving support and guidance during this transformative experience. I highly recommend this program for anyone who is ready to go to the next level personally, professionally and spiritually."     

 Donna Priesmeyer

Founder & CEO, Priesmeyer Music & Media

Nashville, TN/USA


 "Thank You Jerri for the amazing Soul Coaching class ...

It has been a daily Joy to do the exercises which have really gotten my

life moving forward again. I am Thankful...Grateful...and filled with Joy

for the first time in a long time. 

 The course definitely gets one centered and clear about their life path.

There is a definite trend to clear out the "old" for the New."  



Nashville, TN/USA


 "The Let Your Soul Shine" Soul Coaching Program helped me understand

the recent emotions I was experiencing and the part they played in my

physical health. I was dealing with anger issues from my divorce years

ago. I did not understand why these emotions had surfaced at this time

and not before. In going through the program I understood that because

I had not dealt with these feelings before, they were lingering in my

subconscious. Now I was reacting. During the program I had some eye

issues and after some research, I found the root cause was related to the

issues I was dealing with. Jerri made it possible for me to understand

and recognize how to relate to my emotions, reevaluate my priorities,

reassess my past life and to process my future emotions properly."



Phoenix, AZ/USA


"What an amazing transformational experience! This is the first on-line Workshop experience that has ever impacted me on so many levels! The structure is brilliant, as it is set up in such a way that allows one to go through the 28-day experience at three different levels! The best news is that you have absolute choice, each day, as to what level on which you would like to participate. Each day you get an inspirational information piece, as well as a wonderful meditation MP3 from Denise Linn, who is just magical! And, as if that isn’t fabulous enough, Dr. Jerri Eddington is the Master Facilitator who will guide you through this magical journey that you will take at your own pace! Because Life happens, if you miss a day, you can just pick up on the next – no pressure!

This is a very personal experience about which my journaling has really helped me to process individually. My first time through this workshop was fairly on a one–on-one basis, and I was blown away at how much I learned and grew. When given the opportunity to repeat the workshop with a group this time – well, it’s adding an even deeper dimension to my experience. Dr. Jerri has designed a private Face Book Group to which you can connect on every level. How wonderful it is sharing parts of my experience with others from all over the country, getting feedback and more ideas from the Group, and being able to give back. But what has been the most helpful is the support the group brings to me in my daily growth. This is like no other experience I have ever had, including “live workshops” that came at great cost – financially as well as physically! I am so very grateful to be a part of this Experience and this Group, and plan to continue to connect with my new Group Friends, to whom I feel very connected. Thank you for this life-changing opportunity, Jerri!"


Retired Educator

Lakewood, OH/USA


"A word about Let Your Soul Shine "Soul Coaching" we all have things to work on that will enhance our lives, each time someone's Light shines brighter we all benefit as a human race. Let Your Soul Shine is helping to raise the vibration of the planet....we need that! It is a gift to yourself that keeps on giving."

Rev. Diana Atenco

Fountain Hills, AZ


"Shakespeare said “The Eyes are the window to your soul.” I’ve just completed Soul Coaching with Dr. Jerri and my eyes are gaping. Thank you for a wonderful journey."

Ed Vaughan: Actor, Director, Acting Coach

Westerville, Ohio


"The “Let Your Soul Shine” program was simple and powerful. It motivated me to release weight and organize my life and Bills. During the program I released 7 pounds and paid of a huge amount of debt I had. I felt motivated and inspired."

Rev. Tiffany Powers

Costa Mesa, CA


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"Using ThetaHealing® techniques, in a fifteen-minute phone conversation, Dr. Jerri Eddington helped me release over twenty years of pent-up sadness. She calmly and gently asked a few questions, guided me to the  

source of the pain, and used her techniques to clear it. I have been involved in energy work all my life but I was so impressed with her

approach that a week later I signed up for ThetaHealing® classes that

have been life changing. Thank you, Dr. Jerri."

Ed V. , Ohio

(Note - this was an unplanned session - and yet the process works!)


Abundance Session

"I have been having monthly healing/coaching sessions with Dr. Jerri

over two years. I am still constantly amazed at every session that no

matter what type of energy healing she uses - LifeLIne®, Toe Reading,

ThetaHealing®, or Oracle Card Reading - each session is always right

on target - exactly!"

I recently had an abundance session through ThetaHealing. She used a

list of core beliefs to check my beliefs around abundance. (Dr. Jerri uses

muscle testing.) I was greatly shocked and surprised at my answers. It

was no wonder things were not flowing for me! Dr. Jerri then took me

through the process of identifying each core belief, honoring it, thanking

it for helping me, then acknowledging that I no longer need it, and

just let it go!! It is such a joyous, freeing feeling!

I felt such an immediate lightness in my being! And when I do my daily

appreciations for all that I have, I especially am grateful for new beliefs

and Abundance. Things have been happening! All of a sudden people have

been repaying their small loans I gave them; I have been given money to

help pay for cakes I have made for my apartment building; my tax refund

was deposited into my checking account only 2 weeks after I filed my

forms; people have been there when I have needed help with various

situations... Life is so good!

What I know is that working with Dr. Jerri has given me life-altering

tools and guidance that have given me wings to live my life- on my terms-

as I am meant to live it. I look forward to each new day, and each new

piece of information that I will learn. I have made the intention to

continue my monthly sessions with Dr. Jerri, who is by far the most

amazing Light worker, Healer, and Practitioner with whom I have ever


Dez L.

Lakewood, Ohio


Abundance Session

"I had an abundance session with Jerri & we removed 100 limited beliefs.

I thought I was good on so many issues we went over. LOL! We removed

shock and trauma on 10 issues that came up as well. It is so exciting!!!

Thanks Jerri!"

Jenny Anne Hannon,

Ventura, California


Abundance Session

"I recently scheduled a ThetaHealing session with Dr. Jerri Eddington.

This was the first time that I had experienced this type of therapy and

I am so very pleased with the outcome of the ThetaHealing session! A

friend who had great results had referred me, and I wanted to feel the

benefits that I had been hearing about. Dr. Jerri explained everything

so clearly that I immediately felt comfortable and at ease. Each step of

the procedure was explained and as we went through the session, and i

knew what to expect, but did not expect the level of calm and peace

that followed each step.

After Dr. Jerri completed the session with me, I knew that I felt lighter

and more happy, but the feelings seemed to build upon themselves so much that a week later I continued to glow and even caught myself

humming and singing happy little snippets of songs. This therapy went

very deep to help me remove the challenges and issues that I had been

carrying and nursing for years. Dr. Jerri made me feel safe and loved

in a very profound manner and I still feel this bond of loving safety,

weeks later.  

Dr. Jerri provided me a safe place to connect with Spirit and allow a

healing process to begin! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity

to share the grace and strength of ThetaHealing with her."

Patsy-Patricia Seay Dollar

Eligibility Counselor

Nashville, TN


Abundance Session

"Had another wonderful Theta session on Abundance with Jerri today!

Out of 125 issues, we removed 94 limited beliefs! When we were going

through the statements, I have to admit I was feeling good because I was

coming into the healing at such a high vibration and was quite sure a

great deal of the statements would not need work. Hello??? 94 out of 125?

Obviously I am not AT ALL in touch with what's happening in my soul!!

Good news is we removed all 94 issues!! It pretty much knocked me out

for the rest of the day, lots of good work being done removing blocks

about ABUNDANCE...on the day I opened my new business to the world!!

So grateful for you, brilliant Theta Master Jerri...the timing couldn't

have been more perfect!!"

Thank you!

Indigo SkyeHawk

Belfast, Maine


Abundance Session

“I’ve never been one to seek out “woo woo” healing … I’ve always figured things out on my own and done pretty well at it … or so I thought. One day, I was having lunch with my friend Jerri and she described a session she was planning on Confidence and Abundance. I said half-kiddingly, “hmmm, I could probably use some of that!

That thought wouldn’t get out of my head for some reason and I asked Jerri to explain more about her ThetaHealing practice. What does it do? How does she do it? What do I need to do? After she explained a bit more, I decided to take a chance and see for myself what Jerri’s ThetaHealing might do for me. I still wasn’t sure I believed it would or could do anything, but I was keeping an open mind and exploring the possibilities that it might help me get past my stuck-ness in my new coaching practice.” 

I scheduled two 90-minute sessions with Jerri … still not quite sure that I believed. Jerri quickly reassured me that it didn’t matter that I believed … “just relax, breathe and follow my lead.” I did just that. The first session ended and I didn’t feel any different … it was interesting, though, and we scheduled the next session for the following day. 

What happened later that afternoon and evening was amazing … a major financial decision had to be made and I made it quickly with great confidence. It surprised my husband, since I had been pretty wishy-washy of late where the finances were concerned. He said, “Who are you and what have you done with my wife?” Something had shifted in me. I couldn’t wait to tell Jerri the next day. She was not surprised at all...

and I was much more open and comfortable about her second session. 

The shifts that continued to happen over the coming days and weeks were

so noticeable that it was a bit unnerving. The only thing different that I had done was spend three hours with Dr Jerri Eddington. I attribute the powerful shifts to that healing … my confidence soared, I let go of long-standing beliefs that no longer served me and the ease I felt about taking my coaching practice in a different direction was empowering. 

If you know something needs to change, even if you’re not sure what that is, consider consulting with Dr Jerri. Her intuitive ways will put you at ease and then the magic happens. I don’t know how she does it but, I can tell you this … I will be going back to Jerri myself when I’m in need of another breakthrough. I highly recommend her warm and wonderful healing approach."

María Tomás-Keegan Divorce Transition Coach


Abundance Session

“I was a bit skeptical about ThetaHealing at first, but after listening to a friend of mine rave about its effects, I had to try it. I was feeling very stuck at the time, and I was chronically fearful about a few very important goals that I wanted to achieve. When I heard my friend go on and on about how great ThetaHealing is, I thought, “Why not? I’ve tried everything else. Why not ThetaHealing?” With that approach, I bought three sessions from Dr. Jerri Eddington. I HAD NO IDEA HOW POWERFUL THETAHEALING can be! After just three sessions, I released many issues and ideas that were blocking me. I felt tangibly different. I felt more relaxed, more confident, and more at ease. And these wonderful feelings continue to grow! All I can say is thank you! Dr. Jerri’s ThetaHealing is an incredibly powerful gift to this world. Try it! You have nothing to lose but your fears, anxieties, sadness, regret, and many other toxic emotions. Try it, and then watch your life change for the better. Thanks, Dr. Jerri!"

Debra Payne, Ph.D. Academic and Career Strategies Coach


SoulMate Session

"I want you to know when we did my SoulMate session I was having a hard

time getting someone out of my head. We had been writing each other

almost daily. Now, I do not feel compelled to have contact like we were

having. Thank You for your assistance with cutting the connections and

trauma with the past relationships. I REALLY, REALLY appreciate it."

Jenny Anne Hannon

Ventura, California


SoulMate Session

"I have always believed that Angels and the wise ones often take birth in

human form to help heal and ascend humanity and other human angels to

the higher vibrations of joy,love, and gratitude. Meeting Jerri was

exactly like meeting an angel with a tender and kind heart in a human

body. She worked on re-programming my soul mate beliefs and pulling

shock and trauma from my relationships that extended to even my past

lives. At the beginning of the session, I had 13 beliefs that did not serve

me anymore and that were indeed sending the vibrations out from me to

stop my soul mate from coming into my life. Jerri worked on canceling

every single one of those beliefs gently and patiently and I literally saw

the white pearly light as a confirmation at the end of the session. I was

feeling a vibration during the whole session and I had tears of gratitude

in my eyes when we completed the session. I feel the difference in my

own vibration and I highly recommend Jerri for your healing needs."

Xaara Jilani,

Phoenix, AZ 

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The LifeLine Technique®

"Not long after I met Dr. Jerri, I knew she was a kind person who wanted

to help people. After going through a divorce (I was married 38 yrs.) and

having surgery, Dr. Jerri introduced me to the LifeLine Technique. She

explained that this technique would help me release the subconscious

roadblocks that were at the root of the physical and emotional pain I was

feeling. After several sessions I learned my body was communicating

through symptoms of health issues and fear. Through this experience I

now know that I have a choice to be happy and regain the power in my

life. I believe Dr. Jerri's mission in life is to help others live happy,

healthy lives."


Maricopa, AZ


"Dr. Jerri had a LifeLine session with me after I had recently lost my

husband. I found the introduction to "Infinite Love & Gratitude" helped

me tremendously to cope with my situation and loss, and to bring some

peace into my day to day life. I look forward to more sessions."


Maricopa, AZ


"The week before Christmas, I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. I was

scheduled for a radical hysterectomy surgery in January. While I was in

the hospital, I contracted a resistant bacterium in my abdomen. I had two

abscesses: one on my left side the size of a grapefruit and one on my

right the size of an orange. After 6 months of fighting off this bacterium,

and after four months of antibiotics, I finally received the news from my

doctor that the abscesses were starting to clear. My body was weak from

"fighting off" these abscesses. My spirit was also weak from constantly

receiving news from my physician that these abscesses were not clearing

up as they should. Also, being from Ohio, there were months of snowy,

dreary weather did not help my mental outlook . I was so sick. I found

myself short of breath just walking through the airport to fly to Arizona

to visit my sister.

In Arizona, I decided to try some "alternative healing" in addition to the

traditional methods. I had one LifeLine Technique session with Dr. Jerri

and the change in both my spiritual health and physical health was remarkable! I could honestly feel a drastic change in both my physical

and mental status. It was as though someone came into my body and

gave it an energy "jump start." This "jump start" helped give my body and

spirit the energy I needed to completely heal! I want to thank you,

Dr. Jerri Eddington for... administering this LifeLIne Technique and for

"jump starting" my healing. I say this with "infinite love and gratitude!"

Janet B.



"LLT uses muscle testing in a non-invasive way to release deep seated core

beliefs we hold onto. LLT can be used for fear, grief, food allergies, ill

health, pain, disease, addiction...the applications are endless. Dr. Jerri

is a compassionate Practitioner who has helped me move forward on my journey."



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Toe Reading - "Sole" Coach

"Having done energy work for years, I'm always interested in new and

different things. I didn't know what to expect with Toe Reading, but

it was really amazing! I thought it would be similar to reflexology, or

palm reading... but it was its own unique thing, and it does provide

valuable insight about what is transpiring in life! Dr. Jerri is extremely

knowledgeable. Working with her was like consulting an encyclopedia

of insight. It was a very eye-opening session!"


Spring Hill, TN


"Recently, I had a Toe Reading session with Dr. Jerri. During this time she

explained what she was doing and how our toes can reveal things about us

In my mind I was thinking this is still rather "odd", but her enthusiasm and

knowledge won me over.

She was very professional & revealed things about me that were spot on.

Dr. Jerri was very patient to explain each and every thing about her

"findings". What impressed me the most was the fact that she was very

respectful of my spiritual beliefs and used words that were relevant to

those beliefs. She also did a session with my friend whom she has never

met. Things were revealed about her that I knew to be true.

Dr. Jerri is a very compassionate and caring individual. She is willing to

take time with you to help you understand what she is interpreting "on

your level". I am excited to learn more about other modalities she has

has to offer. Thank you Dr. Jerri for sharing your talent with me."


Certified Personal Trainer and Life Coach

Sarasota, FL


The Toes are Intelligent Oracles

"My toe reading with Jerri was after I had broken my big toe on the right

foot. I had no idea that toe readings even existed and was nudged by a

friend to contact Jerri. On her request I sent digital pictures of my feet

and toes. Our reading was done over Skype. I was surprised about the

information and supreme intelligence in my feet and toes!

I learned about my communication with others and myself. I realized how

much I was still "looking back" and living from the past. My intention was

to be oriented towards the future. Quite a while after the reading I

noticed that one toe had completely changed direction!! It was now

oriented towards the strange and very powerful. The

reading also included affirmations for my big toe, which is my destiny

toe. I loved it. "Today I celebrate my gift to the world".

I love how Jerri works completely from the heart, with warmth, clarity,

and clear intuition. Our toes are intelligent oracles... and we walk our

entire life with their intelligence, assistance, and love for our journey."

Thank you Jerri!


Istanbul, Turkey


 "I recently had a toe reading and was curious about what new information

would be revealed - since I thought I knew everything about myself. Dr.

Jerri explained that the direction and formation of the toes are the

physical printout of the path a person's life has taken. She said that our

toes store our stories and emotions and show if we are walking our

destined paths. My toe reading revealed several surprises in addition to

facts that I knew to be true. I knew I was closely aligned to the angels

and did angel readings for family and friends. She discovered that this

gift was evident in the "angel wings" located on the sides of my small

toes. She also was able to detect an anxiety I shielded and after brining

it to my attention I realized that I had been handling the situation well

and no longer needed to concern myself about it. Toe Reading was a fun

and informative way to learn more about myself."


Phoenix, AZ


"I recently became a Grandma for the first time and wanted to give my

Grandson, Charlie, a present that would be truly personalized just for

him. Then I got an idea - I asked Dr. Jerri if she would do a Toe Reading

on Charlie's brand-new little feet! And she did! I sent her pictures of his little feet. She sent a packet of information, containing a certificate with a photo of each foot - very suitable for framing! The toe reading included affirmations for Charlie. It is a beautiful gift, one that the parents and I will always cherish, as will Charlie when he old enough to appreciate it!" (Charlie was 10 days old at the time.)

Destrie L.



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Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reading

"This was my first card reading. The most impressive aspect was how

easily Jerri condensed the information and the confirmation on what I

was already working on... but may have had doubts. It was truly an

inspiring, accurate, and intuitive interpretation from Jerri. I am still

amazed at the information she relayed as it was right on the mark for

where I am in my life. If you are feeling like you need clarification or direction the card reading is a must! Trust that Jerri with her intuitive

manner of reading the cards will give you the answers you are seeking".



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 The above picture... is an aura picture of my

"healing space" in my home. Blessings to all!

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